Release Date: Dec. 10, 2009

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NextSpeak - English TTS

Traditional Language Learning emphasize textbook learning. More contemporary approach focus on listening and speaking practise. With "NextSpeak - English TTS", you can freely convert any text in your PC to English waveform. By adjusting the speaking rate with your learning pace, you can quickly grasp the right pronunciation of different words. English teachers can make use of the user-defined IPA pronunciation to demonstrate to your students how different vowels or consonants change a pronunciation. Some researches find that: intensive listening to recorded tapes can improve the English of foreign student and children suffering from dyslexia. "NextSpeak - English TTS" is target for different level of English learners and is a must-have tool for English learners and teachers.

*Voice files produced by "NextSpeak - English TTS" are for personal use only. Unauthorized use of the voice files for business is not allowed.


NeoSpeech Paul - Human Voice Quality and Choice of Professor Stephen Hawking

"NextSpeak - English TTS" adopts the most sophisticated TTS (Text-to-Speech) techology from NeoSpeech. Not only the pronunication is accurate, the intonation is closed to human quality.

With "NextSpeak - English TTS", you can easily convert text content in English from Word, Outlook, Adobe Reader, webpage... etc. into fluent human voice or MP3 files.

Key Features:

NextSpeak Office Addin:

You can use NextSpeak Office Addin to read the text with real human voice in the Microsoft Office* environment for improving your English.
*Microsoft Office is the tradmark of Microsoft.

NextSpeak Recorder:

NextSpeak Recorder allows user to record his voice or narration, and then shows it by waveform for comparing with the Text-to-Speech one, so as to improve their English.

NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS is comprised of 3 modules:

  1. NextSpeak Program module including the NeoSpeech Paul-16 US English TTS engine.
  2. VOA Sample Library containing sample documents which are to be installed under the user Application Data directory.
  3. NextDict multi-lingual dictionaries.
  4. NextSpeak MS Office Add-in allows you to easily access NextSpeak and NextDict from MS Office .

*Attention : Eissue of licenses is limited to 3 times only. You should backup your " verification.txt" which is the license file for your machine.

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