Release Date: Dec. 10, 2009

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Media Coverage

Computer Today (Magazine) Vol.98
<NextSpeak - English TTS> is your good teacher outside classroom ... Other than classroom learning, more listening and speaking in daily life can help improve our English. Our students are quite good at writing and reading but their oral skill is usually a weakness .. that may because the lacking of proper practicing environment. This software provides great flexibility in learning English ... anytime anywhere

Hi-Tech (Magazine) Vol.426
"<NextSpeak - English TTS> - If you can still recall the impression of Professor Hawkins speech when he visited Hong Kong, you probably know how well the <NextSpeak - English TTS> speech synthesis technology resembles human speaking in vary aspects such as intonation, pronunciation and fluency ... <NextSpeak - English TTS> definitely can help improve our English speaking."

Capital Weekly (Magazine) Vol.054
"The newly released <NextSpeak - English TTS> allows you to better utilize your traveling time to listen and practice your English. You can select your interested content and turn them into MP3 format ... <NextSpeak - English TTS> integrates the most advanced voice synthesis TTS engine from NeoSpeech ... The quality of NeoSpeech voice engine is well recognized as the best of the world ... even Professional Hawkins chose NeoSpeech.

PC Market (Magazine) Vol.695
"If you want to spend 15 minutes a day to improve your English, other than using existing multimedia training material in the market, did you ever think of using your iPod, MP3 player or even mobile phone? In fact, you may come up spending less ... <NextSpeak - English TTS> is targeted for self learning. Other than turning text to speech, it can output into MP3 format and download them to your MP3 portable players ... you can easily practice your English anytime anywhere"

PC3 (Magazine) Vol.301
"It is difficult for us to escape from our busy lifes and sit down to learning something. Traditional English learning requires lots of classroom training instead of self-paced home learning. In fact you can sit down comfortably at home and use the latest computing technology to improve your listening and oral skill ... <NextSpeak - English TTS> can turn text to speech and save the output as MP3 format so that you can repeatedly practice them yourself at your leisure time ... It is really 'learning English anytime anywhere' "

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